Changing Stuff. Again.

I’m just back to Anchorage after two+ months away. When the boys and I left in early March there was moose poop scattered across the snow in my window view. But today the grass is green, the trees are leafed out and the tulips are in bloom. So are the remarkably prolific dandelions. And Oh! the light. Today the sun rose at 4:49am and will set at 11:06pm and those times continue to get earlier and later for another month before we have to turn back toward winter dark.

It’s really good to be back in this great big amazing landscape. I’ve got a much better idea what to expect from Alaska Summer this second time around and I’m looking forward to it.

Having left my uterus and ovaries in Oregon on this last trip, I find myself in the midst of some big changes. Again. Gratefully, I seem to be making a peaceful transition away from my troubled reproductive years. (Though I’m still afraid to say that out loud!)

I expect to spend less time managing pain and I hope to spend more time writing. I don’t have a purpose for this work except that it be a method to sort my madness. I’m taking a writing class right now that is challenging me to get my stories into focus and I find that I’m spending a lot of time with the stuff of my past 10 years.

While I don’t really expect this blog to be a place where I put this work, I do feel an urgency to unhook the email subscription I’ve got set up here. I need to write for myself. I don’t want to write for your email box. I am happy to have you come and read anytime you want. I’m very happy to have you comment or share your thoughts. Add me to your RSS reader or just stop by once in awhile and see what I’m thinking/writing about. I’d love to talk about it with you.


  1. Brad says

    The only good thing about chronic pain is that you become so aware of what a wonderful life it is when you’re over it. I’m so glad you’re doing so well and hope you have an amazing year.
    Yours is a time of life most of us typically go through big changes. Usually they’re good changes, but they’re changes most of us (at least myself) recognize only in retrospect. You seem to live your life with your eyes open. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

    • Jennifer Searls says

      Hey Brad – how fun to find you here! Life is full of change, yes. Stuff you expect and stuff you simply can’t predict. Learning to adapt and grow through the journey is the stuff I’m about. BUT you can be sure this next year will not bring stories of my skydiving adventures! Just saying.

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